Live Events

From gigs to theatre and even performance art, we’ll make sure than your event is an unmissable one. All aspects of organisation will be covered by us so that when the day comes you’ll be able to sit back and enjoy the show.

Venue Finding

We also cover all of the legwork involved in events, especially the time intensive task of finding venues with aspects such as site visits to make sure that we find the best location for your event, no stress needed!

Outdoor Events

Want your event to be a breath of fresh air? No need to go further afield, we’ve got you covered. Be it local or a Greenfield event, we’ll handle production from the ground up and make sure that the sky is the limit.

Bespoke Events

Got an event idea that doesn’t seem to fit in our other categories? Don’t worry, we thrive on challenge and jump at the opportunity to plan events that dare to be different. We’ll help bring your ideas to life and get have your dream event becoming a reality before you’ve had a chance to lift a finger.

Corporate Events

Got a conference to plan to spread your business’ message? Or how about a staff party that will be talked about at the coffee machine for years to come? GoBlue will make sure that be it professional or pleasure, your business will be in safe hands and turn water-cooler small talk into big ideas.